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The Mesenberg Method Guitar Totality

This book will help you to Memorize and Master all possible Scales and Modes derived from the twelve notes of the Chromatic scale with Main Corresponding Chords in key, in EVERY key over the Entire Fretboard, without the need to read scale charts, guitar tabs or traditional music notation

This volume includes:

  • A simplified theoretical explanation organizing all 2048 possible scales and modes into 351 unique scale and modal systems in relative key, in all 12 possible keys, resulting in 24,576 different possibilities over the entire fretboard.

  • An avant-garde approach to chord classification, to help identify and organize the 55 main chords and 12 intervals that correspond to the 351 musical systems.

  • The Cycle of Forms and Numeric Code - The Mesenberg Method's original, unprecedented template for fretboard mastery.

  • 21 Guidelines - these important guidelines provide explanations of all the various Cycles of Forms and Numeric Codes found in the Guitar Totality book - the complete formula to understanding the fretboard

  • All relative World Music Scale, Mode and Chord Systems are organized and numerically cataloged for identification, ease of use and study

  • A comprehensive walkthrough for all 7 modes of the Diatonic scale

  • 201 Moveable Chord Diagrams

  • An extensive Traditional Scale and Mode reference list



$59.95 + Shipping & Handling

The Mesenberg Method Book One -

Basic Guitar Fundamentals

A comprehensive guide to beginning guitar using the Mesenberg Method.

Book One contains: 

  • 20 full Guitar Lessons

  • An explanation of the Musical Alphabet applied to the guitar fretboard for easy note memorization
  • 23 Practice Processes
  • 13 Practice Routines
  • 345 Strumming Patterns
  • 9 Basic Guitar Chords
  • 15 Chord Progressions containing all possible chord changes with the 9 Basic Chords in key

  • Three-octave moveable minor and major scales in all keys
  • 7 Seventh Chords with 7 keys of Twelve-Bar Blues
  • Progressions
  • Lessons on the Art of Improvising
  •   6 Moveable Barre Chord forms.....and more.


All explained in easy to understand language. For students of any age or skill level. A perfect guide for self-study, or to be used as curriculum for professional guitar instructors.

Book One -

Basic Guitar Fundamentals


$39.95 + Shipping & Handling

The Mesenberg Method Book Two -

Intermediate Guitar Fundamentals

A comprehensive guide to intermediate guitar using the Mesenberg Method. Book Two focuses on reading traditional music notation using original, easy to follow Mesenberg Method teaching techniques. Reduce your reliance on guitar tabs and learn to sight-read in all 24 musical keys using one, two and three-octave forms.

Book Two contains:

  • Whole, half, quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes

  • Triplets, dotted rhythms and rests

  • 60 one, two and three-octave scales

  • 8 studies

  • 28 exercises

  • 41 etudes

  • Features 30 timeless classical, or traditional songs

  • Reading in 5 different time signatures

  • All possible minor, major and inverted chords in key for 24 different keys

  • Moveable, inverted, dominant 7th, minor 7th, major 7th and diminished 7th chords

  • Learn to read both rhythm and lead guitar parts

  • Dynamics and tempo markings

  • Introduction to modes....and more

Book Two -

Intermediate Guitar Fundamentals


$39.95 + Shipping & Handling

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