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A fun, intensive summer workshop for young people wanting to learn (or learn more) ELECTRIC GUITAR, ACOUSTIC GUITAR, BASS GUITAR DRUMS or KEYBOARD.

Quickly and efficiently learn to play chords, scales, rhythms, and perform with a group.

Hosted by Mr. Aaron at AZ Music Pro in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Session dates available from June 1-August 31, 2024.

Tuition $300 - Rock Band Camp students receive six one-hour lessons during the summer, plus an opportunity to perform with a group for an audience of family friends & music fans.

- Private or Group Lessons

Professional instruction on Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Keyboards, Drums, Voice

(includes Thirty-Minute or One-Hour Sessions for individual students, families or groups)

-Live Interactive Skype Lessons

(includes personalized Live 30 minute or One-Hour Sessions, supplemental Guide book(s),

custom Jam Tracks)

Mesenberg Music Academy Student Rates:

Each live lesson is a thirty minute or one-hour session (Skype lessons are one-hour only)

 - Subject to availability

  Drop-In Rate (Scheduled one lesson at a time):

                      30 mins                 1 hour


   1 Lesson -  $32.00                  $55.00

   3 Lessons - $91.00                 $158.00    (5% off Regular Rate)

   5 Lessons - $145                    $260.00    (10% off Regular Rate) 

  Monthly Rate (pay 1st week of each month)

                       $130                      $200 per month 

  Semesterly Rate (pay 2x each year)

                       $580                    $990 per 6 mo. (Save over 20% off Regular Rate)

Monthly & Semesterly students reserve a regularly scheduled lesson time. 4 or 5 lessons each month, one lesson each week.

12 Week Introductory Class 

  $300  Classes must fill to 10 student capacity before sessions begin  - One hour weekly for 12 weeks  

Family & Friends Group Sessions 

  $50 Base + $10 per person  Group sessions for 2 to 5 individuals  - One hour weekly  

Email  - or - Call us to discuss available lesson times -

Or fill out this contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible


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    Aaron Mesenberg, or Mr. Aaron, teaches guitar, bass guitar and drums at all skill levels and in all styles (beginner to advanced). Mr. Mesenberg (or Mr. Aaron, as some students call him) also teaches mandolin, ukulele, guitalele, violin, vihuela, guitarrón and beginning piano, as well. Mrs. Aaron, his lovely wife, is a skilled Mesenberg Method apprentice as well as a trained pedagogist and vocalist with over 20 years of performance experience and years of teaching young people the best way to use their vocal instrument.

  The Mesenberg Method approach to instruction gives each student information they can easily understand and apply to their practice, along with the encouragement to help inspire them to practice. This method helps students to achieve on-going skill-developing results that motivate each student to continue to learn.

   The Mesenberg's original method of instruction helps with fundamental skill development for each student while encouraging creativity and allowing students to grow in their own direction at a comfortable rate. The Mesenberg Method sets incremental goals for each student to achieve. The skills obtained through the accomplishment of these goals can be quite encouraging and rewarding to the student.

  In addition, the Mesenberg Method offers students the opportunity to apply the skills achieved through the completion of these goals, to the learning of existing songs, or styles of music the student is interested in learning at his/her current skill level.

   Students of the Mesenberg Method develop the ability to create music (improvising, writing songs).

  Each student makes enjoyable progress, develops a strong fundamental root, and reinforces skills that they may also apply in the way they choose. More than 30 years of experience with countless music students has proven that this method is highly functional, inspirational and fun all at the same time.



After a few seasons without the ability to interact in the real world, our children and we ourselves have changed a bit. We can always hope that most of these changes are for the better, but it is natural for us to benefit more form real live interactions whenever possible. Since it is again possible for us to gather together to share our knowledge, Mr. Aaron is currently offering lessons to students in Flagstaff, Arizona.  



     The advantages of Skype lessons are numerous. The first obvious benefit is that the student can receive private tutoring from a professional instructor while safe in their own home or comfortable location.

   Another significant value of Skype lessons is the time and money saved on traveling to and from weekly lessons. Additionally, the overhead cost of maintaining lesson studios is what has raised the rates of so many professional instructors, so it is a great benefit to the student to have the option of these interactive, online lessons as an alternative.

  Mesenberg Method Skype students may also receive curriculum to supplement their weekly live lessons, including: lesson books, personalized lesson plans, audio & video practice resources (e.g., jam tracks for book exercises, vocal exercises, practice routines, and custom cover song practice tracks at increasing tempos).

  To summarize, with the Mesenberg Method via Skype you receive great value, at home comfort & security, professional music education, and yet all of the interactive learning and encouragement of conventional style guitar lessons is still included in these online video lessons.


  • All payments are made via Credit Card, PayPal or Venmo

  • Payments for drop-in lessons can be made at any time. Drop-in students may pay for 1, 3, 5 or 10 lessons at a time. Drop-in lessons are scheduled one at a time, based on available lesson times for each week.

  • Monthly lesson payments are to be made before the first lesson of each month.

  • Semesterly payment is first made at the time of scheduling, and then the first week of the 7th month after each previous payment

  • Scheduled Lessons may be cancelled no less than 24 hours before the lesson time to receive a make-up lesson. Make-up lessons may be scheduled for canceled lessons during the week of the missed lesson only, based on availability. There are no refunds for missed lessons.

  • If the instructor is unable to attend a lesson, a make-up lesson may be scheduled any time during the month of the missed lesson. If availability does not allow for rescheduling an instructor cancelled lesson, then a rebate for the missed lesson will be taken off of the next payment.

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