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The                                            GUITAR - BASS - VOICE DRUM  

Mesenberg Method of Music Instruction




-----The 2019 Online Student Showcase will be up soon. Check back here for updates.-----

    This page is a Showcase where performers using the Mesenberg Method are invited to submit videos of their performances. Each Skype Student or Student Subscriber, at certain times in the year, will have an opportunity to record a live performance of one or more songs utilizing information they learned from the Mesenberg Method. Students may also perform along with a Mesenberg Method Jam Track.

   Live video performance entries will be compiled and edited into a Online Student Showcase video posted on this website and on our YouTube channel. The name, or username of each student will be posted in the video, as well as contact info it they choose.

   Until our 1st Online Student Showcase is compiled and completed, here are some past live performance clips from Mesenberg Music Academy students utilizing the Mesenberg Method:

Mesenberg Method Student Compilation - Original Songs

Mesenberg Method Student Compilation - Cover Songs