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Balancing Musical Theory and Technique

with Creative Artistic Expression.

  •     Whether you are at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, the Mesenberg Method will help you to strengthen your fundamental root, develop your diversity of skills, and continually transcend your own musical abilities, knowledge and understanding.

  •     Any musician at any level can benefit from following the instruction available in this motivational system of music lessons.

  •     The Mesenberg Method encourages the combination of creative artistry with scientific and mathematical principles organized in easy to follow lesson plans.

  •      When applied properly, the Practice Processes and Practice Routines found in these lesson plans will increase definition in your musical muscles like a music fitness program with efficiency of workout time.

  •      The Mesenberg Method is a cumulative lesson program designed to be utilized by self-taught musicians, professional instructors, or instruction with Mesenberg Method Lessons via Skype or Subscription (see lesson page for details).

  •     You can learn and practice at your own rate and watch your skills grow...

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Students of the Mesenberg Method performing cover songs

Students of the Mesenberg Method performing their own original music

"Music is a Language.

Instrumental music speaks by expressing emotions and creating moods. The rhythmic arrangement of notes in a melody, the scales used to create that melody, the combinations of chords in a chord progression and strumming patterns used while playing those chords will all affect the emotional expression and mood created in a piece of music."

~The Mesenberg Method

Book One

Basic Guitar Fundamentals

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