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Author of The Mesenberg Method

Aaron T. Mesenberg

Independent Music Instructor

Born in Wausau, Wisconsin.  Mr. Aaron began learning guitar at 

the age of 15. He attended the University of Wisconsin as well as the University of Arizona as a fine arts major, also studying extensively on the subjects of music and theory.

In his late teen's he made the first of several original discoveries which were the beginning of the Mesenberg Method for Musical Instruction. These discoveries generated the development of his original method for instruction, and over the next 15 years he became the most recommended guitar, bass and drum instructor in the Central Wisconsin area.

Mister Aaron began instructing lessons for guitar, bass guitar and drums as an independent contractor at a local music store. Original method development during this period generated an expanding client base averaging over 80 students by the year 2002. In 2002 he relocated and expanded his business into the Mesenberg Music Academy, maintaining an average enrollment of approximately 60-75 students

His band, OPTIC, won several competitions and received radio play for their album “Dreams of Reality” between the years of 1998-2005. Since 2010, Aaron continues to perform comedic musical theater with his wife and daughter in their 1880's Variety Show.

His experiences in local recording studios and at live performances inspired him with the knowledge and skills to create a music/video company, New Eye Productions, along with his wife. In his fully tuned and soundproofed recording studio they wrote, recorded, and produced music and video for several area artists.

Aaron and his wife have sponsored many music related community events in the central Wisconsin area since 1998, including the Central Wisconsin Battle of the Bands, Karaoke Hero, Hall O' Rock and All Hallow's Rockin' Eve, as well as hosting their own annual Spring String Flings & Music-nics for students to gain performance experience. 

Aaron Mesenberg has dedicated more than 30 years to instructing and perfecting his Method. He has provided professional private instruction services, offered innumerable performance opportunities to his students, supported and hosted numerous musical events, written and recorded many original songs not only for himself but also other artists, as well as compiling and producing many original songs for students and other area artists.

He is continuing the writing process, completing his original method Lesson Book Series.

Aaron currently resides in Monessen, Pennsylvania with his family. He provides private lessons (in person or online) to students of all ages.

For details on how to schedule your guitar lessons with Aaron CLICK HERE

Aaron performs as a solo artist, El Gel is his unique instrumental world music style, perfect for many types of special events and dinner venues. 

For details on booking El Gel CLICK HERE

Listen to more original music on youtube CLICK HERE

Watch students perform original music on youtube CLICK HERE 

Watch students perform cover songs on youtube CLICK HERE


Barry R. - Tucson, AZ

Excellent guitar instruction made enjoyable.

I am really enjoying my lessons with Aaron. His process in person, and in his book, walk you through learning to play in a logical and interesting order. Each lesson builds on the previous lesson and you can easily identify the progress you are making. Aaron is very personable and patient, so the hour spent with him is not only fruitful, but also a very pleasant experience. I highly recommend Aaron for anyone wanting to learn to play the guitar.

Michael K. - Tucson, AZ

"Aaron is fluent in many musical styles and has an

accomplished understanding of my goals and how best to achieve them. I feel fortunate to have him as a teacher and look forward to my lessons."

Sarah G. - Tucson, AZ


"Aaron is timely and son is loving lessons so far."

Yvonne Quirk -

Mosinee, WI 

I have known Aaron Mesenberg since January of 2003, when my son, Sean, began taking guitar lessons from him. Sean was 8 years old at the time, so our concern was to find a teacher who would not only be able to teach Sean to play the guitar, but would also engage him in a way in which Sean would want to continue to take lessons and play. I was referred to Aaron by the mother of another student.

Sean was not crazy about practicing, but loved his lessons. He thought Aaron was cool (which is extremely important to a kid!). I have only a rudimentary musical background from grade school, and had never learned to play an instrument. I remembered how intimidating it was to look at sheet music – and how almost mystical it seemed to be able to learn to read music. I was curious as to what approach Aaron would use to teach my child to play an instrument. After his lessons, I’d review the sheets Aaron drew out to teach Sean the “basics.” When looking at the drawings and scripting, I was impressed that it didn’t seem all that hard. And Sean quickly learned to read and play chords – to play something within weeks that sounded like music.

Aaron was always a natural teacher: encouraging Sean in a way that was commensurate with the interest Sean showed and the progress he made.

In addition, Aaron has offered at least annual opportunities for his students to perform either in public, or for special CDs he produced (i.e. holiday music). Students are encouraged to perform individually and in groups. Though Sean is uncomfortable with performing in front of people, he has gained a measure of accomplishment in stepping outside his comfort zone.

In the summer of 2006 I began taking lessons from Aaron, as well. I’d always wanted to learn to play the guitar – but never had the time I felt needed to learn to play music. However, due to my exposure to Aaron and his teaching methods used with my son, I felt learning to play might finally become accessible to me.

I learned first-hand that Aaron’s passion is not only for music, but also for transferring that passion to others – because of how music enriches our lives and helps in mental, emotional and physical development.

Sean and I continue to take lessons from Aaron today. His music is something Sean will take with him throughout his life. I love learning to play the guitar. It is a physical and mental release and a way to express myself. The more I learn, the more I want to learn.

Aaron has inspired in me (if not also in my son), the desire to always reach for a higher level of skill and understanding. I’ve participated in the performances he has made available – and find I like to perform, despite “stage nerves.”

I recommend Aaron to everyone I know who mentions wanting to learn to play an instrument he teaches. He has incredible ability to play and to teach, but is also a man of great character.


Yvonne Quirk

Joe and Julie Alioto -

Wausau, WI

Our daughter, Christine, was a student of Mesenberg Music Academy for six years, from the fall of 2002 through the spring of 2008, and probably still would be if she had not already had plans to go off to college. She began with learning the bass guitar and in her last year moved onto the electric guitar.

Christine has always been a very quiet, shy person, never wanting to really stand out and definitely not the type who felt comfortable in front of large audiences for anything. During her time with the Academy, we watched her confidence blossom as she learned her instrument and was given the opportunity to perform in front of others through the many Academy events afforded to her.

She was also able to make new acquaintances and friends through her lessons, and had the opportunity to perform with others, honing her teamwork and cooperation skills. She and two other students created the band “Kannen” which performed at various Academy and other musical events, including two years at the Battle of the Bands competition in Wausau, making it to the finals round in their first year and winning their division the second year.

As parents, watching her compete, we could not have been prouder to see our shy and quiet daughter performing before a packed audience with the abilities and confidence of a pro. That would not have been possible without the skills she learned and the confidence she developed through lessons and activities while a student.

The traits she discovered and enhanced while a student of the Mesenberg Music Academy will stick with her and help her go far in life.

Excerpts from "Duality Suite" Parts 1, 2 & 3 - circa 2007 (Electric Guitar-Bass Guitar & Drums)

00:00 / 02:46

Excerpts from El Gel,

"One Day"

Parts 1, 2 & 3 - circa 2012

(Acoustic Guitar)

00:00 / 02:03

Excerpt from "Music Man"

Pentatonic Blues - circa 2004

(Electric Guitar-Bass Guitar & Drums)

00:00 / 00:28

Samples from OPTIC

"Dreams of Reality"

- circa 1999

Solo in Fm

(chromatic, harmonic & natural minor)

00:00 / 00:32

Solo in Am

(E diatonic & harmonic phrygian, harmonic & natural minor)

00:00 / 00:40
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