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...The ULTIMATE Guide...


Memorize and Master All Possible Scales and Modes derived from the Twelve Notes of the Chromatic Scale with Main Corresponding Chords in key, in EVERY KEY over the Entire Fretboard, Without the Need to Read Scale Charts, Guitar Tabs or Traditional Music Notation!!!

This is the only Guitar Guide you will ever need, for musicians of all skill levels.

This AMAZING BOOK contains an original, innovative method to help you become a true


The exclusive content in this volume includes:

A simplified theoretical explanation organizing all 2048 possible scales and modes into 351 unique scale and modal systems in relative key, in all 12 possible keys, resulting in 24,576 different possibilities over the entire fretboard

An avant-garde approach to chord classification, to help identify and organize the 55 main chords and 12 intervals that correspond to the 351 musical systems

The Cycle of Forms and Numeric Code - The Mesenberg Method's original, unprecedented template for fretboard mastery

21 Guidelines - these important guidelines provide explanations of all the various Cycles of Forms and Numeric Codes found in the Guitar Totality book - the complete formula to understanding the fretboard

A comprehensive walkthrough for all 7 modes of the Diatonic scale

201 Moveable Chord Diagrams

An extensive Traditional Scale and Mode reference list

All relative World Music Scale, Mode and Chord Systems are organized and numerically cataloged for identification, ease of use and study

The Mesenberg Method GUITAR TOTALITY is today's PREMIERE Guitar Instructional Reference Guide, and provides a lifetime's worth of theoretical study and performance application.



Can benefit from this Transcendental GUIDE to GUITAR MASTERY!!!

Beginner - Master the Diatonic scale with relative modes including: Major (Ionian), Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Minor (Aeolian) and Locrian with main corresponding chords

Intermediate - Master the Minor and Major Pentatonic and Blues scales with relative modes, PLUS, the Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor scales with relative modes and main corresponding chords

Advanced - Master the Diminished and Whole-Tone scales and modes, as well as, many American, Eastern-European, Middle-Eastern, Eastern, Far-Eastern and Indigenous Tribal scales with relative modes and main corresponding chords

Master - Continue your lifetime musical journey while studying all possible remaining World Music scale, mode and chord systems

The Mesenberg Method

Guitar Totality

OR WAIT... There is More!

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